Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chin-Hui Tsao, Mustard Elephant

Via Diamond Notes comes the whereabouts of former Dodger Chin-Hui Tsao: He's playing for Taiwan's Brother Elephants, a team apparently inspired by/in competition with the 1972 Padres:

Nate Colbert, Padres, circa 1972.

Again, Elephant:

Sheng-Wei Wang, Elephants, 2007.


Dave Winfield, Padres, 1970's.



And a bonus:



Eric Karros said...

Suddenly I have the urge to watch Kill Bill.

Fred's Brim said...

70s Pirates too, although they mixed in black shirts and pants.

Wesley Vento said...

Best uniforms ever are the KC Royals all powder blues.

Eric Karros said...

The Montreal Expos' Hot-Dog-On-a-Stick uniforms were pretty sweet too.

karina said...

I was thinking the same thing, Eric.

Agree with you Fred's Brim and Eric and i'd add the Astros with the stars and the stripes.

Why don't they wear the baby blue uniform anymore?

Orel said...

Says here the Royals have a powder blue alternate jersey.

Mike said...

I think it's no coincidence that these uniforms came of age the same time that "free-based" cocaine-use was at a high point.