Friday, April 24, 2009

The Force Is With Our Readers

So in yesterday's Game Thread, I whipped up a little Star Wars reference:

"Help us, Chad Billingsley, you're our only hope!"

But on the internet, there is no such thing as a little Star Wars reference:

Mr. LA Sports Fan said...
shouldn't billingsley's head have been put on Obi-Wan's body, not Leia's?

fanerman said...
Technically, shouldn't one of the Sons be on Leia's face? Since Leia asks Obi-Wan for help?

No "Ha ha, how funny!" or "Hey, look how Chad's head is transparent so you can see the holographic texture underneath!" or "Boy, the Sons of Steve Garvey sure know how to rock a Photoshop!"

Okay, YES, YES, all you continuity Jedis are correct. One of our faces should have been on the Leia hologram and she should be begging Obi-Chad Kenobi for assistance. But sometimes the urge to superimpose a man's face on a woman's body takes precedence, you know?

Not buying it? Okay you jackals, here are some Star Wars (Original Trilogy because we're keepin' it real) trivia questions to satiate you. (This is not a PCS puzzle—comment freely!)

1. Numerically, on which moon of Yavin is the Rebel base located?

2. What is the name of the character played by softcore actress Koo Stark in scenes eventually deleted from A New Hope?

3. What is the only scene in the Original Trilogy in which Darth Vader and C-3PO can be seen on screen together?

4. What was the working title for Return of the Jedi?

5. How many types of TIE fighters appear on screen in the Original Trilogy?


Sorry, I was unclear on Question #4. It should read:

4. What fake title was used during the shooting of Return of the Jedi to protect the set from overzealous fans?


Eric Karros said...

#3 - the hot candle wax scene

Loney Fan said...


QuadSevens said...

The only question that I can even take at stab is #5. I'd say there are 2 TIE fighters. The normal TIEs and Darth Vader's.

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way a Star Wars fanatic. However, I might be searching Wookiepedia later for these answers.

Eric Karros said...

In all seriousness, I can only answer #4, and even then I'm only 70% sure.

Steve Sax said...

#2: Stark Koo?

Brandon said...

I passed these questions along to a SW freak I work with, so I can't take credit. How did he do?

1. Yavin 4

2. No idea

3. Thats a tough one.... I'm tempted to say when they show up to dinner at cloud city and Vader is there waiting for them, but that might have been while c3po was being disassembled be the ughnaughts... so it might be from a new hope, maybe when they are escaping the death star and ben is dueling vader? not sure, I'm probably going to kick myself when you tell me the answer.

4. Revenge of the Jedi. EASY.

5. TIE Fighter, TIE Bomber, TIE Intercepter, and TIE Advanced (Vader's TIE FIghter), so thats 3 if you aren't including the bomber, 4 if you are.

Orlando Zepeda said...

1. 4th Moon of Yavin
2. Camie Loneozner
3. Its when Han Solo is being frozen in carbonite.
4. Revenge of the Jedi
5. 4

disclaimer, not a nerd, i just play one at work.

MR.F said...

Brandon, why would you not include the TIE bomber?

No point in me answering since Orlando Zepeda listed all the answers.

But I would have been able to answer #1, #4, and #5. #3 would have probably required me to play each movie in the original trilogy in my head until I found it, but I think Orlando is right.

Orlando Zepeda said...

yeah, i think its when he is in "Chewbacca's backpack"

QuadSevens said...

Chewbacca's Backpack is playing the Warped Tour this year.

Any kroq fans out there might get this.

Alex Cora said...
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Alex Cora said...

Touchy touchy - just shows that our readers are of the highest caliber and taste and will not take anything less than perfection when it comes to Star Wars and the Dodgers.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

I just made a simple comment. There's no need to get so defensive. BTW, I know none of the answers to these questions.

Orel said...

We kid because we love!

Felix Pardalis said...

1) dunno, but Yavin 4 sounds good

2) had no idea about this lady, tho I think I'd seen the scene in question on the webnet once

3) yeah, it's gotta be during dinner on Bespin

4) I thought everybody now knew it was BLUE HARVEST, recently popularized by Family Guy when they used it as the title of their great Star Wars episode

5) let's see: 1) original, 2) Darth's, 3) the TIE bombers seen in ESB, 4) the TIE interceptors seen in RotJ

no, I don't have a collection of action figures, I just remember too dang much stuff.

Steve Sax said...

SoSGers, be not afraid to embrace your inner nerd. "These are my friend's answers," says Brandon. "I just remember too much dang stuff," says Felix.

We sound like a Star Wars Fans Anonymous group.