Friday, April 24, 2009

Post-Game 17 Thread: That'll Do, Brox


Jonathan Broxton: 30 pitches last night. 22 pitches tonight. Hoping for a blowout victory tomorrow.

Oh, and how about those savvy veterans? Brad Ausmus (2-for-5, game-winning RBI) and Mark Loretta (1-for-1 off the bench, 1H, 1 RBI). Unfortunately, another 25 (aggregate) LOB, but it seems that's part of the territory nowadays.


"Plunk me! I dare ya!"

Couldn't get enough of the Rockies' dinosaur mascot, Dinger, trying to distract Jonathan Broxton? Here's more info for you: Mascot Madness (SoSG).


Unknown said...

Anyone else notice Charley's boner about Ausmus throwing out the first runner of the year after Martin's strike 'em out throw 'em out yesterday.

Anyway, the Ox is throwing harder and harder and wasn't f'ing around with the slider tonight.

As for the LOB, there is a bright spot there...the Dodgers are getting guys on. The situational hitting will come.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

Wow, Kuo ends up with the win.

Talk about misleading statistics.

I'll take the win, though.

Damon said...

big bad jon

Steve Sax said...

My favorite line from last night's GT was Delino's, referring to the lameness that is Dinger:

"You wouldn't see that bush league shit from the San Diego Chicken."


Fred's Brim said...

Tony Jackson has quotes from Dodgers saying that Kuo had really good stuff last night. Think they mean that or are they saying it to get his confidence up?

Fred's Brim said...

maybe I should have read MSTI before I posted the previous!

MR.F said...

Kuo looked good except for one pitch.