Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ESPN Gamecast's Sportsbook

I'm personally a fan of MLB's Gameday. But variety, like Mrs. Dash, is the spice of life. ESPN Gamecast's got the little balls that go flying in the outfield, adding a second of tension before they are caught by one of the outfield names.

On the other hand, MLB Gameday's got the state of the art 1989 CG graphics, that harken back to RBI3 on the NES (when the players went from their old stocky Pudge Rodriguez builds to their more streamlined modern Pudge Rodriguez builds). You can read more about SOSG on RBI here.

But one thing ESPN's Gamecast has going for it - BETTING. I'm one second away from my calling my bookie everytime I see those odds scroll by...

And have found some of their predictions REMARKABLY accurate.


Unknown said...

I'm sure Corey Wade warming up lowered the Dodgers percentage to win the game.

Unknown said...

Its a pretty thinly veiled secret that a huge part of ESPN's business is gamblers, and I am not talking about the poker.