Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sotheby's Announces Special Auction of Picture with Andre Ethier and Random Customer at Nino's Mexican Food

Following the recently explained news about Dodger Andre Ethier and his decision not to take pictures with any Dodger fans, a recent customer at Nino's Mexican Restaurant is looking to take his moment in the sun with Andre and make a fortune.

Johnny, who is the only person pictured with Andre Ethier in any of the photographs on Ethier's "Dining with 'Dre" restaurant blog, was delighted to hear about Ethier's decision refraining from documentation of fan contact, knowing that this made his chance encounter with Ethier back in November 2008 a collector's item.

"As soon as I heard about Ethier's paranoia over fan photos, which Andre exhibited at the Dodgers' Fan Photo Day [earlier this month, at Dodger Stadium]," said Johnny, "I knew I had a shot at making some serious coin. Why Andre would show up at Dodger Fan Photo Day and not want to take any Fan Photos is beyond me. But now, I stand to profit--and what started out as a simple evening with my combination dinner #4, has turned into a rare photo opportunity on par with Bigfoot."

"Andre was a really nice guy and is very photogenic, well-spoken, and like me appreciates good food," continued Johnny. "It's too bad that a couple of bad apples like Matt Leinart and his debaucheries have caused Andre to become a relative recluse." Johnny took his picture immediately to Sotheby's for an appraisal.

Ethier was not only unavailable for comment, but also unavailable for photography as well.

Sotheby's plans to auction 25 individually numbered, limited edition giclee print editions of the photo in a special session later this month. Said Michael Sovern, Chairman of the Board at Sotheby's, "I don't know much about baseball or baseball players. But I do know that these prints are VHTF and MOMC. So bid away, people!"

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Alex Cora said...

Damn, now you know what I look like.

Steve Sax said...

Don't worry AC, the camera always adds 20 pounds.

So does Mexican food, though.

Alex Cora said...

Yeah, he did, but you should see where my hand is...

Unknown said...

That's funny, but I think the guy is the owner of the place.