Monday, July 07, 2008

Well, his nickname is "Rod"

A-Rod's about to find out if he can live on a measly $14 million a year. Just as he passes Mickey Mantle on the HR list, Mr. Rod does his best imitation of Joe Dimaggio (and Kobe Bryant, Shaq, Dennis Rodman, Paul LoDuca, Roger Clemens, Verne Troyer, etc...). Or maybe he's hanging with Madonna to learn more about the Kabalah.

Derek Jeter at least had the good sense to (censored) Mariah Carey before she hit the wall and married hack directors.


QuadSevens said...

Jeter was also smart enough to get to Mariah Carey before admission to her bedroom came with a ridiculous rider.

Maybe this is the real reason he is the Captain.