Saturday, July 26, 2008

Andruw Jones Trade Rumors, I Kid You Not

Found this while trolling around this evening:

Once again, no one seems to know what the Dodgers are doing. Reports that they’re showcasing Andy LaRoche and discussing Matt Kemp in deals are balanced against discussions involving Jack Wilson on the low end and Mark Teixeira on the high end. A rumor has been making the rounds that the Dodgers would be willing to eat some of Andruw Jones' deal and send him back as part of a package for Teixeira were shot down by both sides.

So, no one knows what the Dodgers are doing, but there's the rumor nonetheless. I shudder to think why in the world we would want Andruw Jones back. Hasn't he proven (both this year and last year) that he's not the player he used to be? No mention of James Loney, but my guess is he's the guy the Braves would want.

How sweet would it be if the Jones rumor was true and we were dumping him, taking the sunk cost instead of the sunk team.

How sad would it be if Loney were traded to the Braves. Ye gods, would Colletti be that stupid?


Orel said...

The price of half a season of Jones' crap is James Loney? I think not.