Saturday, July 26, 2008

Five Things About the Casey Blake Trade

"Hi, I'm Casey Blake. You may remember me from the previous post."

From Diamond:

Dodgers option DeWitt, other notes

- Casey Blake said he was excited about gaining free agency at season's end and has said he would like to retire a Cleveland Indian. "I still have a chance to finish my career there," he said. Joe Torre plans to put him every day in the lineup. [...]

- When Andy LaRoche heard about the trade from a friend, his reaction was, "I'm going to Cleveland? I didn't want to go to Cleveland. It's too cold up there."

- LaRoche on Casey Blake: "If he's going to help me get a ring, throw him out there. I have to accept my role. I'm a young guy. I can't complain. I'm here. I'd rather be in LA than anywhere else. This is my home now. All my friends are on this team. Obviously, it (stinks not playing)."

- Blake DeWitt will be asked to play second base at Class AAA Las Vegas as well. "When you don't produce, it's not going to be in your favor."

So what does this tell us/make us wonder?

1. Casey Blake is a half-season rental. Will he have been worth Jonathan "Bamm-Bamm" Meloan and Carlos "Not That One" Santana? Only if the Dodgers make the playoffs.

2. Andy LaRoche loves L.A. Does L.A. love Andy LaRoche? If Ned Colletti can keep his pants on past the trade deadline, we should get a chance to find out in 2009.

3. Blake DeWitt might be the next Jeff Kent. That is, our next second baseman. Despite his recent slump, DeWitt bought himself a ton of credit with Joe Torre and Dodger management with his first-half play. Instead of playing to impress as he did this year, second base may be his to lose in 2009.

4. Which free agents do the Dodgers target in the off-season? With this lineup...

C Martin
1B Loney
2B DeWitt
3B LaRoche
SS ???
LF Pierre
CF Kemp
RF Ethier

...and a trade for a shortstop unlikely, will the Dodgers still try to re-sign Rafael Furcal? (How many millions has Furcal's injury cost him?) Will the Dodgers play in the free agent pitching pool again and throw $$ at CC Sabathia?

5. Whither Andruw in 2009? Still shoehorned into center? The bench? Traded? Released? Fat camp?

Also from Diamond:

- Colletti said he is now looking to acquire a relief pitcher, as he's not too excited about the starting pitchers available.

The fun ain't over yet, folks!


Rob said...

He just gave up a relief pitcher. Granted, one that probably wasn't really ready for the Show, but it's clear that Meloan wasn't really working out as a starter.

Ned is a moron. This deal makes the Dodgers older for a goddamn rental, blocks kids who need playing time, and evacuates promising youngsters from the farm system. After the deal that sent the Dodgers Andre Ethier, he's had an unfailing eye: every trade he's made has been stupid or worse.

Orel said...

With DeWitt slumping and LaRoche not being given enough of a look prior to the trade deadline, I can understand why Ned felt compelled to make this trade. Not saying I agree with it, but it fits with his history. I guess I'm just worried that Carlos Santana will become the next Dioner Navarro. Buy high, sell low.

Sean Mac said...

Wow hind sight is 20/20 but Rob you are exactly whats wrong with sports. every ESPN watching fan thinks they know it all when it comes to talent evaluation. I dont blame you since youre just copying everything you either see on ESPN or read in the newspaper but I hope this teaches you to not russh to judgement. Casey turned out to be more than a rental and even if would have been it still would have been worth it. Youre not bill plaschke (thank god since the earth would explode if we had 2 on it at once) so calm down and use rational thought once in a while.