Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Want To Believe...This X-Files Movie Is Still Relevant

Yahoo is reporting tonight that Gillian Anderson thought reprising her character Dana Scully for the new X-Files movie was "a little odd."

Sorry about that, Gillian! Didn't mean to get in the way of you voice-over work as Queen Vorkana in Robbie the Reindeer in Close Encounters of the Herd Kind. But thanks for being excited about bringing this movie to screen about a decade too late!

And while you're at it, please fire your publicist.


Calraigh said...

Oh for Christ's sake man, did you read the article? Obviously not and Yahoo are not reporting it 'tonight'.
Seriously, could you be any lazier? Well I guess yes, but then there'd be no post at all, right?


Rob said...

You on your meds, calraigh?

Seriously, the X-Files movie has to rank up there as one of the decade's least awaited franchise spinoffs. Wasn't a fan of the show, apathetic at best about a movie, especially considering the scuttlebutt I heard that Anderson couldn't stand Duchovny as the seasons wore on. Duchovny has to also be one of filmdom's least exciting actors... I mean, really — Zoolander? Blecch. Ick.

Steve Sax said...

Sorry to burst the x-files fanboy bubble, but the Yahoo article to which the post was linked had this for a date:

Sun Jul 20, 5:06 PM ET

The truth is indeed out there. It just won't be coming to the cinema.