Saturday, July 26, 2008

Let's Meet Casey Blake (Paladin Level 10)

From the Dodgers press release on todays transaction:

"Casey Blake is a gamer," Dodgers GM Ned Colletti said. "His experience and character will be a plus as we head down the stretch in the final two months of the regular season."

Blake is a gamer? His experience and character will be a plus? Dungeons and Dragons fans, rejoice! And in honor of D&D, here's the vital stats (and I'm not talking about the 11 HR and 58 RBI he's had this year for the Indians):

Class: Fighter, Paladin

Level: 10 (+10/+5 base score bonus, as per his 10th MLB season)

Ability scores (all 3d6):

  • Strength: 15 (he's 6'2", 200 lbs; peaked at 28 HR in 2004);
  • Intelligence: 12 (according to this blog written by a fellow Iowan, Blake turned down a full scholarship from Wichita State despite being drafted in the 11th round by the Phillies straight out of Indianola High School (mere spots ahead of Craig Counsell); it appears he even graduated;
  • Wisdom: 15 (playing the odds paid off as he overcame a mediocre minor league record to be picked up by the Indians, signing a two-year deal at the end of 2004 for a cool $5M);
  • Dexterity: 8 (he's never had more than 7 SBs in a year, and usually is CS as many times);
  • Constitution: 10 (played in only 109 games in 2005 due to separate injuries to his left oblique and right ankle, followed by a full 156 games in 2006);
  • Charisma: 11 (I couldn't find any substantive info about his demeanor, searching on "casey blake" and "nice guy".)

Well, let's hope Blake is the fighter we hope he might be at third, as Blake DeWitt has been ushered back to the minors to make room.


Orel said...

Xbox or PS3?

Eric Karros said...

Ha! Spot-on with scores, I say. But note that a Paladin "cannot associate with any character that persistently commits acts which would cause the Paladin him/herself to Fall." Does that mean Torre can't have Jones protect Blake in the lineup?

Rob said...

No, but it does mean he'll have trouble make diving catches against balls hit down the line...

Steve Sax said...

Rob, on your point, I did read some blogs that Blake's defensive mobility is suspect...however he made a nice bare-handed grab to make the final out of yesterday's game, surprising me. Let's hope this keeps up, as our new replacement shortstop has turned up gimpy once again...