Friday, July 25, 2008

Off-Day Puzzle #7: Solution

I hope you all got the most out of your scissors. Here's the solution to yesterday's puzzle (my apologies to cigarcow and others who work in totalitarian environments where YouTube is blocked):

The winners are, in order, Jose, Quadsevens, Steve, and Fanerman. Of the winners, I wonder: how many of you solved the puzzle outright, and how many found the message first through trial & error, then deduced the methodology based on the final placement of the cells?

Anyhow, thanks again for playing. Next puzzle August 4, and updated PCS rankings to be posted soon!

*In my ongoing quest to include different musical genres, I stole from DJohRicky. Thanks dude!


QuadSevens said...

I put the puzzle together first EK. I numbered the puzzle pieces and saw that pairs had been switched. That's when I found the traded methodology. It was definitely the easier way to go.

cigarcow said...

This is a conspiracy of some sort.

MR.F said...

I saw the puzzle and said "ohhhh jigsaw!" My first reaction was to print it, run to get some scissors, cut it up, and start putting it back together.

I had no idea what the names were for awhile. After staring at it for a very long time, I realized they were just being switched off in pairs and I figured out the trade idea.

cigarcow said...

On an unrelated note, are you guys gonna stand for this:

Orel said...

He makes a pretty good argument, actually.

jose said...

I did the same - put the puzzle together first, then figured out the pattern.