Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Smarmy "Wives"

Big League Stew brings us the latest celebrity sighting at Dodger Stadium, as Nicolette Sheridan of "Desperate Housewives" threw out the ceremonial first pitch last night.

"And that's why, Russell, I'd like you to stop backhanding balls in the dirt."

"Sorry, Nicolette, my I LOVE MICHAEL BOLTON'S ON-AGAIN, OFF-AGAIN GIRLFRIEND shirt is in the laundry."

Not shown: Hiroki Kuroda taking notes.

(Thanks to our very own Steve Sax for the heads-up!)

last photo by Getty Images


QuadSevens said...

I love the three guys in the background of the first picture checking out Sheridan's assets.

And those pants look great in the windup. =)

karina said...

I love the mesmerized look on Martin's face when she greets her, now we know he's human! not a perfect machine of baseball made out of pure awesome.

I love she's a Dodgers fan. Desperate Housewives is one my guilty pleasures.