Friday, July 25, 2008

Can We Call Matt Kemp a Five-Tool Player Now?


Erin said...

We just got Casey Blake from the Indians.

The ESPN story says that Blake will be the everyday third baseman, "replacing slumping rookies Blake DeWitt and Andy LaRoche."

That quote makes me want to throw something. Andy LaRoche is like a tree falling in a forest. If no one sees him play more than once a week, how do we know he's slumping?

Orel said...

Thanks, Erin. Article posted.

karina said...

If Russell Martin is Fred Krueger's nightmare, then Matt Kemp is National League's boggart.

A shape shifter that prefers to live in dark, confined spaces, taking the form of the thing most feared by the person it encounters; nobody knows what a boggart looks like in its natural state.A boggart appears to feed on the emotion of fear rather than simply deploying this ability as a defense mechanism

Steve Sax said...

Ned, don't bogart my Matt Kemp.