Saturday, July 19, 2008

Game 97 Thread: July 19 @ D'backs, 5p

Chad Billingsley (9-8, 3.25) vs. Dan Haren (8-5, 2.72).

COMMENTS: Monkeys in zero gravity! That's right, Space Chimps opened yesterday. Its main competition is some documentary about bats. Over the weekend, one of these projects will gross, oh, let's say $180 million; the other, slightly less. Meanwhile, the Dodgers are putting their primary ace up against the Diamondbacks' secondary ace. Winning team gets sole possession of first place. So what's it going to be, Dodgers? Bats or monkeys?


Steve Sax said...

I heard that some LA theatres were showing 4am showings on Friday! Couple that with the gossip that one of those CGI chimps died after filming all of his scenes--I can only assume Space Chimps is going to have a huge weekend.

In other news, Delino showed me the Watchmen trailer that he saw before that other movie on Friday. WOW. I cannot wait.

Erin said...

Hey guys. I'm leaving in ten minutes to go see the bat documentary. Space Chimps was sold out.

I know the game is on KCAL tonight, but does anyone know where Prime Ticket moved to on DirecTV? It used to be 653, but it seems things have changed since I left.

Loney Fan said...

On my DirecTv Prime Ticket is now on 694. Sorry for the late reply.

Steve Sax said...

Sorry for the late offensive comeback attempt!

--Don Mattingly

Orel said...

The answer is: monkeys.