Monday, July 21, 2008

Durham Leaves San Francisco; 45-Year Old X-Men Vie For Open 2B Slot

On Sunday, the San Francisco Giants traded away 36-year old Ray Durham to the Brewers for two minor leaguers.

In July, the Uncanny X-Men celebrate their 45-year anniversary and 500th issue by uprooting themselves from their Westchester, NY home, and moving to San Francisco.

Coincidence? I think not. I think the X-Men, especially the older ones, think they might have a shot at the Giants' starting lineup. After all, they love 40-year olds in SF!

I'm personally hoping they're picking up Pixie, whose powers include "produc[ing] a 'pixie dust' that causes hallucinations, often to comedic effect." I'm not too scared of her in the lineup. However, I have a feeling that would be a Longshot.


Orel said...

Quite a Gambit by the Giants. I wonder if they're waiting to make a Colossus of an off-season deal?

Steve Sax said...

They do have a chance to wreak Havok in the clubhouse.

Steve Sax said...

Though I think the Giants are a Psylocke to miss the playoffs this year.