Monday, July 07, 2008

The Wisdom of Torre, Part I

From the Dodgers' website:

"The personality is good," he said. "It seems like a loose bunch, but they're attentive. The guys are into the game. I sense, not that they weren't before, but they're really into it, not that they didn't care before.

Okay, I'm attentive, and I have no idea if the Dodgers are into the game, or only now getting into the game; or, whether they're loose, or attentive. Which one is it? And Torre continues:

To me, it started on the road trip. After we beat the Angels two of three, maybe they took stock of the situation and realized maybe we're pretty good. I sense a change on this trip."

Except for the fact that we took two of the Angels at home, not on the road. So did the change start then, or on the next night when we lost the opener to Houston? Or the next night, when a bullpen collapse caused us to lose a five-run lead, before Jeff Kent's heroics saved us in extras?

I'm confused. I feel like I'm looking at the Magic 8-Ball and it says "outcome hazy, ask again later."

No wonder why I can't understand his starting lineup, pinch hitter, or relief pitcher choices.


karina said...

Steve, i'm glad i'm not the only one confused by Torre's lineups, i mean, Loney batting 7th after Garciaparra and Jones?, pinch-hitting a player who's half of the Mendoza line with bases loaded on the final third of the game, with the team losing by one or two runs?
Sometimes i think we need a tunnel of Joe Torre's mind, similar to the one in "Being John Malcovich", so maybe we could understand.