Thursday, July 31, 2008

McCourt Will Just Have To Keep Coveting Manny Ramirez From Afar WHOOPS SCRATCH THIS

Frank McCourt's continued attempts to make the Dodgers "Red Sox West" hit a speedbump at today's trade deadline--despite the Dodgers' involvement in the final hour before the deadline:

It appears that discussions with the Marlins, which had hit a snag, are still ongoing. And the Dodgers, who checked in in the afternoon, may be in the running as well.

There is skepticism as to whether the Dodgers can put together a deal quickly. According to people familiar with the talks, the Dodgers have offered young outfielder Andre Ethier, but Boston is believed to prefer the ultra-talented Matt Kemp. Then later, L.A. supposedly moved Ethier out of the deal.

Sorry, Frank! No ManRam for you (we hope)!

But the good news is, we Dodger fans can still watch Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier up close!

UPDATE 1.32p: Holy crap, I may be wrong on this. Now is reporting that we may have landed Ramirez after all:

Also, keep in mind that after talks fizzled regarding a three-way deal with Boston/Florida/Pittsburgh, the Dodgers jumped into the ring as a possible suitor for Manny Ramirez. If so, there could be a scenario in which the Red Sox still landed Bay while the Dodgers got Ramirez. This remains pure speculation, but the addition of the Dodgers in the mix certainly has made it a possibility.