Friday, September 14, 2007

TBS Snags Alyssa Milano; Russell Martin Power Bat Futures Soar

TBS announced it is enlisting Dodger fan and clothing entrepreneur Alyssa Milano to provide MLB Playoffs "behind-the-scenes" coverage:

TBS Thursday announced that Milano, who starred on ABC's Who's the Boss? and Fox's Melrose Place and now appears on NBC's My Name is Earl, will have a continual presence on TBS' Hot Corner on, which will air live video coverage of all MLB's first-round playoff games as well as the National League Championship Series. Online coverage of those games, which will air on TV on TBS, will include continuous camera shots, possibly from cameras focused on pitchers or placed in dugouts or worn on catchers' masks, that appear only sporadically on TV.

And Milano will be seen traveling between ballparks and appearing daily, providing what she says will be "an inside behind-the-scenes look at the playoffs. That's my angle."

Milano, who says she's been a lifelong baseball fan and is a Los Angeles Dodgers season ticket holder, also has an "Touch 'Em All" blog, where her takes include saying "baseball is a gift. Every single game — wins and losses and the spectrum in between — is a gift."

Dodger fans know this is great news. SoSG reported back in July that Russell Martin's offensive numbers plummeted about the same time that he and Milano became a reported item. So TBS' offer to give Milano other diversions can only be positive for the Dodgers, particularly if they make the playoffs (and believe me, we'll suggest some"prospects" for Milano as she does her "behind the scenes" tours of opposing squads...).