Sunday, September 16, 2007

Another Bloated Bonds Figure: $750,000

I guess I spoke too soon. A few days ago, it looked like Bonds' 756th would fetch well below the $500,000 experts initially estimated. Alas, yesterday the ball unofficially sold for a hefty $752,467. If that price holds, it would make the top 10 list of most expensive sports collectibles (all of which, incidentally, are baseball items). Although I don't claim any expertise in the field of tainted sports memorabilia valuation, I do know it would take me almost six months to save that kind of cash.

So it looks like 752,467 will join 73 and 762+ on the list of bloated Bonds figures. And I guess Matt Murphy made the right decision to decline the $500k "sell it now" offer that was made before the auction. The buyer is as of yet unidentified. Hey buyer, if you're reading this, grab a username (now required to comment!) and please explain your reasoning.

Update 9/17/07: The buyer has revealed himself to be fashion designer and Yankee fan Marc Ecko, who is looking to you to help him decide what to do with it.


Steve Sax said...

EK, I don't think you're accounting for the SoSG blog revenue. I'm thinking, four months, tops.