Thursday, September 06, 2007

Andre Ethier: You See, This Is How We Tear Your Heart Out

From "Soriano's homers for naught as Dodgers upend Cubs" (

[Andre] Ethier connected on a three-run, pinch-hit homer in the ninth off closer Ryan Dempster, and the Dodgers used a four-run rally to beat the Cubs 7-4.

"Take, for instance, the bleachers out there. Everyone out there is having a good time enjoying the party, and then all of a sudden something like that happens," Ethier said.

"The stadium is still filled, but it's like everybody left. It really changes the complexion, the way the game is going and the way it had been up to that point. It takes life not only out of the crowd, but also their team."

Finally, some Dodger swagger! It's been in short supply lately.