Tuesday, September 04, 2007

25 Games To Go In The Stretch Run

"A game a week, that's all we ask."

And down the stretch they come, 25 more games to go. Of the three teams atop the Wild Card race, the one good thing the Dodgers can say is that they have a winning record against their opponents in seven of their remaining eight series (including the current series with the Cubs):

Dodgers Opponent/Games Dodgers' Record vs.
@ CHC 3 3-1
@ SF 3 7-5
vs SD 3 6-9
vs AZ 3 7-5
@ COL 4* 6-5
@ AZ 3 7-5
vs COL 3 6-5
vs SF 3 7-5

The Dodgers’ scheduling asterisk for the Colorado series includes a double-header on September 18 that is the makeup for the postponed game earlier this year. From a scheduling perspective, that sucks--but we at least have maintained our off-days on the remaining Mondays from here on out (Philadelphia, 25 games remaining, plays two of the three Mondays but gets one Thursday off; the Snakes have only 23 games left and get three Thursdays and one Monday off).

From September 11 onward (for the rest of the season), the Padres do not get a day off.

Arizona has a winning record against only one of its remaining series opponents (Pittsburgh). If they play “to form,” it stands to reason we would gain ground. Six head-to-head matches with the Dodgers could also settle this score.

Philadelphia has a winning record against four of its remaining eight series opponents. They also have the benefit of seeing Washington for seven of their final ten games. However they do have three games with the Mets and five games remaining with the Braves, who are still in the Wild Card chase.

Arizona and Philly’s remaining schedule:

AZ Opp/Games AZ Record vs. PHI Opp/Games PHI Record vs.
vs SD 2 8-8 @ ATL 2 6-7
vs STL 3 1-3 @ FLA 3 7-8
@ SF 3 6-6 vs COL 4 1-2
@ LAD 3 5-7 @ NYM 3 9-6
vs SF 3 6-6 @ STL 3 4-2
vs LAD 3 5-7 @ WAS 4 7-4
@ PIT 3 4-2 vs ATL 3 6-7
@ COL 3 7-8 vs WAS 3 7-4

The Wild Card is winnable, as is the NL West division title. But now is not the time for dawdling—we need aces to step up on the mound (like Billingsley’s clutch performance against San Diego on Sunday), and bats to heat up (like all the youngsters in the lineup of late). And more than anything, we need lineups full of youth. Get a move on, Grady.

Let’s go, BLUE!


Alex Cora said...

Nice breakdown. Hope we can pull this one out!