Friday, September 28, 2007

Post-Game 160 Thread: Brought to You by Berlitz


Okay, on the post-game show, Adrian Garcia is interviewing Wilson Valdez: asking him a question in Spanish, interpreting his own question for the viewer, then listening to Valdez' response in Spanish, and then interpreting Valdez' response for the viewer. Garcia is not really a great post-game interviewer in English alone, let alone two languages. What's more, Valdez is giving full 500-word essay answers, perhaps taking full advantage of the rare interview opportunity.

My head hurts. Is this dual-language thing really necessary? Is Berlitz the new sponsor of the Dodgers? Will they be interviewing Chin-Lung Hu and/or Takashi Saito tomorrow?

I'm going to bed. At least I can rest knowing that the Dodgers cannot end 2007 with a losing season. And, nice game, James Loney (HR #15).


Damon said...

who said he wasn't gonna have enough power

Steve Sax said...

Wilson 0valdez may have said just that, damon, but it was in Spanish.