Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I Believe I Might Have to Totally Agree with This Sentiment

Some grouchiness from Tony Jackson:


NO loud music. NO commercials read over the PA system between innings. NO animated races on the jumbotron/diamondvision/whateveritis at any point (in fact, there is no jumbotron/diamondvision/whateveritis here). There IS a little bit of organ music, played at a nice, unobtrusive volume level, but other than that, when you come to Wrigley, you buy a ticket to see a baseball game and you get ... a baseball game. Novel concept, I know. But the Dodgers -- and almost every other team around the league -- could learn a lot from it.

Not that I dislike Dodger Stadium, mind you, but all that dot race/hat shuffle/MAKE SOME NOISE crap just gets in the way of the baseball. Both the Cubs and Dodgers have loyal fan bases, but when you're trying to market Dodger Stadium as the next Disneyland, I guess you need bells and whistles.

Anyone have any idea whether Wrigley is as "family friendly" as Dodger Stadium? Wrigley tops my list of stadiums to visit.


Steve Sax said...

The best part of Wrigley, though, was the in-and-out privileges that they used to offer, letting fans run to Cubbie Bear and the other local bars in between innings. It's still a great field, but that was the bomb.

I think I may have given Frankie McCourt an idea...outdoor bars set up in parking lots A through G in Dodger Stadium...

Alex Cora said...

Tony Jackson does have a point, however, he forgot to mention that the average fan will not be able to experience such things because the stadium is so small and it is too fricken hard to get a ticket. Try to buy two tickets together is next to impossible on the website.

Steve Sax said...

Based on his criteria, I think Tony would be a lot happier in Dodger Stadium if he had earplugs and a blindfold on.

Like Rich Donnelly, for example.