Thursday, September 27, 2007

Game 159 Thread; Sept. 27 vs. Rockies, 7.10p

Dodgers start Esteban Loaiza, RHP (2-3, 5.61) vs. Franklin Morales, LHP (2-2, 3.15).

Dodgers: 80-78 (4th place NL West for good, 8.0 GB, L2)
Rockies: 86-72 (3rd place NL West, 2.0 GB; T-2nd place WC, 1.0 GB; W10)

From, the scouting report on the starters:

Dodgers: Loaiza been a disappointment so far. He hasn't thrown hard since he arrived and now he's saying he lacks confidence in his surgically repaired right knee, the one that he pushes off on and would help provide drive and velocity. His command improved in Arizona, but it almost had to after a seven-walk disaster in his previous start. Loaiza is also having trouble keeping the ball in the park.

Rockies: Morales was stellar Friday night in a no-decision against the Padres, holding them scoreless on one hit in six innings, with six strikeouts and four walks. It was his seventh Major League start. Morales has not given up a run in his last three starts, covering 17 innings.

COMMENTS: Instead of posting today's lineup, here's the lineup of people I'd like to put in a rowboat and push off shore, to thank them for ruining the 2007 Dodgers season (in decreasing order of culpability):

Grady "Comatose" Little
Ned "Washed-Up Arms > Power Bat" Colletti
Juan "Slappy" Pierre
Frank "Take The Money and Disappear" McCourt
Bill "Hack" Plaschke
Jeff Kent *
Brett Tomko
Roberto Hernandez
Mark Hendrickson

(*) To be fair, I'm only bidding bon voyage to Kent's surly attitude and limited defensive range; we still need his bat.


Rob said...

To be fair, I'm only bidding bon voyage to Kent's surly attitude and limited defensive range; we still need his bat.

And yet, the Dodgers remain stubbornly entrenched in the DH-less National League. Discuss.

cigarcow said...

Hahaha, that's a lineup!

Steve Sax said...

Cigarcow: where have you been? We've missed you, and now the games are meaningless.

Steve Sax said...

Rob: perhaps because it's the way baseball was meant to be played? Rather than a parking lot for old guys who can't field? Or a circus experiment that hasn't had its plug pulled yet?

Yeesh, this is a much longer post topic. But for the record, even as a DH, Kent would still have his surly attitude. He might grow his mustache back, too.

Steve Sax said...

Hey look, it's already 2-0. Just like last night. Can we score?

Steve Sax said...

Loaiza has given up YET ANOTHER two home runs. Hey Ned, greeeeeeeat pickup!

Steve Sax said...

Loney, RBI triple to get the Dodgers on the board!

Steve Sax said...

4-2 Rocks (Dodgers' other run came on a sac from Martin, scoring Loney from third).

Dodgers have two on with one out in the sixth.