Monday, September 24, 2007

End to Dodger Career of Luis Gonzalez Makes News...

...but buried deep within an article from the East Valley Tribune, covering Metro Phoenix's East Valley region?

Sheesh, doesn't the guy who won you a World Series deserve better than that?

Sitting quietly in the visitors’ clubhouse at Chase Field, ribbing clubhouse attendants he knows so well, Luis Gonzalez said Sunday he will not be back with the Dodgers next season.

Gonzalez, who signed a one-year, $7.35 million deal after leaving the D-Backs last year, has lost time down the stretch because of development of younger outfielders Matt Kemp and Valley product Andre Ethier.

Gonzalez, 40, said he will take a step back this offseason and see what opportunities present themselves, emphasizing he still wants to play but adding that if nothing materializes he might consider retirement.

“Something always opens up in the spring,” he said.

What, and miss a front-row seat at the LA Times' favorite soap opera?

Seriously, as poorly as Gonzo has batted in the second half, I appreciated his first-half offense this year and his awesome attitude, including spearheading the rookie hazing ritual after others let the baseball tradition lapse last year. He's a hard guy to dislike and it's just too bad that we're catching him in the twilight of his career--plus, his defensive liabilities are exacerbated by standing beside Juan Penguin-Arm Pierre (who unfortunately will be back next year). Alas, Gonzo, we hardly knew ye, but thanks for the first-half of the season and being a stand-up guy.

(Hat tip to 6-4-2 for the post. (Why Rob is reading the East Valley Tribune, I don't know. Amazing stamina, that guy.))


Rob said...

Amazing what turns up in Google News.