Thursday, September 13, 2007

FOUND: Pictures of Dodgers' Rookie Hazing! Part 1!

Last week we put out the call for pictures various Dodger rookies (and second-year players) in full hazing regalia. Well, we have a winner. BIG thanks to Phil Witte for forwarding these pictures taken by Belen Mota (any relation to Manny?). Enjoy!

Andy LaRoche preparing to terrorize children across the country.

Andre Ethier. Pink dress. He still looks better than the rest of us.

James Loney: "I yam what I yam—a guy who's hit five home runs in his last six games."

Chin-Lung Hu as...medieval Chun Li?

Stay tuned, SoSG faithful! More pictures to come!


Eric Karros said...

Promise me there'll be a Part 2 with Kemp so I can get the photo-shop image out of my head. By the way Sax, if you’re reading this I’m still waiting for 2007 vs 1988, Part II.

Mike Scioscia's tragic illness said...

Simply phenomenal. While we were hard at work photoshopping possible photos, you go out and get the real ones. Scooped!

喜歡放逐的生活 said...