Thursday, September 13, 2007

Logan's Run?

As most of us are aware, one of the bright lights in the Dodgers' front office over the past few years has been the remarkable work of one Logan White, Assistant General Manager, Scouting. Among the current Dodgers drafted during White's tenure are Jonathan Broxton, Chad Billingsley, Russell Martin, Matt Kemp, James Loney, and Eric Stults, not to mention future studs such as Clayton Kershaw. For as much as I have wailed about Trader Neddie's proclivities to trade away prospects for middling pieces like Lurch, Lugo, and the Other Sweeney, I was usually soothed by the thought that White's skill at drafting would keep the Dodgers' pipeline of young talent well -stocked. To make a bad pun, I thought that some White-Out would cover up Neddie's mistakes.

According to the rumor mill, there has been quite a bit of discord behind the closed doors in Chavez Ravine since the weeks leading up to the trade deadline. Apparently, this could get ugly for those of us who appreciate what Logan has meant to the Dodgers organization. From this afternoon's chat at Baseball Prospectus:

crigsley (Redondo Beach): Is Frank McCourt as terrified as Dodger fans at the prospect of Logan White leaving?

Christina Kahrl: I would be; if he isn't, he's about to join the Singing Cowboy on the list of lamented and lamentable owners in the greater Los Angeles market.


Steve Sax said...

You know what the masses screamed in Logan's Run, which is perfectly suited for this discussion:



Come on Frank, pour the milk and renew Logan White.

Damon said...

fire ned promote logan fire grady and get scioscia to coach