Friday, September 14, 2007

FOUND: Pictures of Dodgers' Rookie Hazing! Part 2!

Ever look at a Dodger youngster and think, I wonder what he looks like in a garishly inappropriate costume? Well, wonder no more! Thanks to submitter Phil Witte and photographer Belen Mota, nothing is left to the imagination.

The Village People have nothing on these guys. L to R (click on picture for larger version): Eric Hull as a "devilette," Chin-Lung Hu as a sorceror, Chad Billingsley as Robin Hood (I think), Andy LaRoche as a clown, and Delwyn Young as Snow White.

Tony Abreu as Pocahontas. Is the Louis Vuitton bag part of the outfit?

Delwyn Young as Snow White. "I should have had my agent negotiate a no-hazing clause."

More pictures to come! Do you have more rookie hazing pictures? Send 'em in (e-mail in sidebar)!


Steve Sax said...

I don't think Delwyn Young is going to find his prince. Prince Fielder, maybe.