Sunday, September 09, 2007

Wanted: Throwback Days at Dodger Stadium

A few days ago fellow Grumpy Gus Tony Jackson expressed admiration for the purity of the Wrigley Field experience:

NO loud music. NO commercials read over the PA system between innings. NO animated races on the jumbotron/diamondvision/whateveritis at any point (in fact, there is no jumbotron/diamondvision/whateveritis here).

Although we understand all the between-innings diversions are here to stay at Dodger Stadium, why not have a few "throwback days" a year? And I don't mean the players wearing throwback uniforms—with the Dodgers' classic uniform design, who would notice?—but rather a game with all non-scoreboard electronic signage (including Diamond Vision) turned off and only Nancy Bea Hefley's organ music playing between innings. I'd buy a ticket to that.


Unknown said...

Grady should have to wear the Lasorda-style satin jacket too.

Rob said...

This would hopefully involve demolishing the new foul-ground seats before the game starts.

Orel said...

I think you would have to pry those seats from Frank's cold, dead hands.