Thursday, September 06, 2007

At-Game Recap: Dodgers-Cubs, Sept. 6th

Ethier saves the day. I had the opportunity to go to the game today and boy, it sure was exciting. It was pretty humid out, even with all of the cloud cover and threats of thunderstorms. I think the humidity was getting to Lowe as he was pretty shaky throughout most of the game. When the Cubs went up after Soriano's blast, I almost wished the skies would open up before the end of the inning and the game would be rained out, resetting the score to the top of the inning. Alas, the weather gods knew better than I.

The crowd was pretty rowdy, especially during the late innings - plus my Dodger jersey did not help my cause. When Matt Kemp hit his homerun, the crowd was still buzzing from the Soriano blast. Then the top of the ninth arrived and my friend who knows the Cubs pretty well said, "You watch, Dempster will get two guys on and you will at least tie, probably win." And, after Ethier skied one into the jet stream for a homerun, the crowd was DEFLATED. Then the f-bombs, boos, and jeers came crashing down on Dempster, who was affectionately called Dumpster. I left overjoyed and elated - I hope this game is the one that gets us into the playoffs. GO BLUE!


Orel said...

Nice! Were there many other Dodger fans there?

Alex Cora said...

Actually I was pleased and surprised that there were a lot of dodger jerseys in the crowd. Also got to see Tommy Lasorda walk the crowd - he stopped and said hello to a lot of the handicap fans.

Steve Sax said...

That's mean, what you're calling Cubs fans.