Friday, September 07, 2007

Brad Penny: Thrill of Hunt Outweighs World Series Victory

From " 'Dodger' may not be Penny's favorite shade of blue" by Pete Thomas in the LA Times:

For Brad Penny, nothing rivals the thrill of pursuing deer in the forest.

"I've won a World Series and the adrenaline rush for me...shooting a deer with a bow is a lot more than that," the Dodgers pitcher says.

I suppose Penny gets some credit for using a bow and not a shotgun, but that's still not the type of sentiment Dodger fans (especially us "city folk") want to hear. Yet Penny has shown he's a pretty fierce competitor—so until he starts playing with arrows in the dugout, we can let this one slide.

P.S.: Whatever you do with that deer carcass, Brad, just don't give any to Clint "Deer Meat" Barmes!


Steve Sax said...

Thanks for establishing that "deer meat" label. Should come in handy for this weekend's series.

Steve Sax said...

Nice Spiccoli picture, btw.

Steve Sax said...

And another thing--nice use of "Brad Penny" and "Outweighs" in the same headline.