Sunday, September 30, 2007

Game 162 Thread: Sept. 30 vs Giants, 1.10p

Dodgers start Eric Stults, LHP (1-3, 4.93) vs. Barry Zito, LHP (10-13, 4.63).

Dodgers: 82-79 (4th place NL West, 8 GB, W2)
Giants: 70-91 (5th/last place NL West, 20 GB, L4)

From, the scouting report on the starters:

Dodgers: Stults gets a pick-up start for the season finale in place of Brad Penny, who has shut it down. This will be Stults' fourth start of the season for the Dodgers and first since Sept. 5 in Chicago. In his only appearance against the Giants this year, he pitched 1 2/3 scoreless innings.

Giants: Zito will close out the season with a final start against the Dodgers. Overall, Zito is finishing the season strong, with an impressive effort in the final two months, but he has faltered a little in his past two starts. In his start against the Padres on Monday, Zito made it only five innings, giving up four runs on eight hits while putting runners on every inning, but the Giants gave him seven runs of support and he earned the win.

COMMENTS: It's fan appreciation day, and I can't wait to hear how Frankie McCourt shows his appreciation for his record-setting fan base. By screwing over the team with an inactive off-season, and more talk of clubhouse dissension? By sticking us with a manager who sleepwalks through every game for yet another year? By complicating parking flows beyond reason? By denying us the World Series title that these fans, and this city, richly deserves?

You want to show us fan appreciation, Frank? Enough with the seat cushions and free flights to Phoenix. GIVE US ALEX RODRIGUEZ NEXT YEAR. We deserve it.


Rhonda said...

You're right, I might just have to take that statement back with you cheering for the Angels and their back-stabbing manager.

Damon said...

Am I the only one getting a kick out of the Mets chocking

Lasorda said...

So it's in the 9th, Dodgers losing 11-2. Let me just say "thanks" to all of our viewers, commenters, and, of course, the other Sons. While we all had hoped to do some chatting during the Dodgers' amazing postseason run, it looks like we're going to be focusing on hot stove action.

Again, thank you!

Alex Cora said...

Thanks for the memories Dodgers! Vin summed it up pretty well in the end - optimism in the spring to the wheels falling off in September. There's always next year!

Alex Cora said...

Speaking of hot stove - says Kemp is on the trading block! NO!