Tuesday, September 11, 2007


While thumbing through Kanye West and $.50 albums at Amazon, I came across a title poised to be the next JUICED. Big League Survivor by Benny Agbayani.

For those who sneezed and missed him, Hawaii's eighth favorite son played five seasons, netting a .274 Avg, 39 HRs, and 156 RBIs. He helped the Mets make a run or two, and big Polynesian dudes are awesome by nature, but his story is not exactly what I'd call the must read of the fall. (Apparently, Amazon patrons agree, placing the book at 1,728,270).

So I'm opening up a contest to all the SoSG readers, including staff. Is there another book out there written by or about a MLB player less famous than Mr. Agbayani? The challenge has been set!