Monday, April 02, 2007

To Hell with Manny Mota's Civil Rights, Says MLB

Draconian regulations from MLB will keep Dodger coaching staff fixture Manny Mota out of the Dodger dugout and off the Dodger buses:

Manny Mota has spent 37 of the last 38 seasons in a Dodgers uniform, but he won't be in one Monday when the team opens the season in Milwaukee.

As part of a more stringent enforcement of a long-standing rule, baseball is limiting teams to six uniformed coaches during games, leaving no place for Mota, the longest-tenured coach since the franchise moved to California.

"Rules are rules,'' he said. "I have to follow the rules. And that's that."

Mota will be permitted in the clubhouse and on the field before home games but he will no longer travel with the team.

Sure, Dusty Baker is allowed to have his kids play grab-ass all over the playing field during the playoffs, but Manny Mota can't get in the door. Next they'll make him pay $15 for parking and have him park near the gate in which he entered.