Saturday, April 07, 2007

Post-Game 5 Thread: April 7 @ Giants



  • Derek Lowe: 7.0 IP, 1 ER. Just like Brad Penny yesterday. Broxton in the 8th and Saito in the 9th. This is what we want to see.
  • Wilson Valdez: Ramon who? Valdez sparkling with the glove and goes 3 for 4 at the plate.
  • Wilson Betemit: Solid defense and drew a bases-loaded walk, but another hitless game. Will apparently sit tomorrow to make room for Ramon Martinez at third.
  • Takashi Saito: Flyout, flyout, groundout. A trend worth watching.

So the power outage continues and the Dodgers are averaging under 3 runs per game. Is this 2003 all over again?


Delino DeShields, Sr said...

12 Losses in a row.

Steve Sax said...

Delino: not like you didn't call it for ol' Russ!

Charley and Rick said today that the Dodgers entered the game with a .191 team batting average... Ugh.