Thursday, April 26, 2007

At-Game Recap: April 25 vs. Giants

Last night's game versus the Giants was a pretty depressing one all around. Not only did the Dodgers lose to the Giants 6-4, but we squandered scoring opportunities late in the game once again, dropping the second in a row to our arch-rivals.

But honestly I spent much of last night enjoying the crowds and the company and booing Barry Bonds (whom I saw strikeout twice, which was great; I got there too late to see him hit his 741st home run, which was okay, as I've seen plenty others, unfortunately.). The weather was perfect, and there is nothing better than a summer night at Dodger Stadium; it's so relaxing (even when screaming boos), it's therapeutic. And when the friends with which you've gone to the game look at you and say, "So if Barry Bonds hits 15 more home runs tonight, we could be watching history, right?" you know it's going to be a fun, mellow evening. Despite the loss.

I will say that there were a decent number of fans wearing Giants shirts/jerseys around, and though they were booed everyone that I saw was very cool to the opponent's fans (despite their obvious lack of intelligence). I'm pretty proud of LA fans' decorum. In fact, Dodgers fans were much cooler to Giants fans than I recall being treated in Big Phone Park when I'm wearing LA colors. But hey, when you've never won a World Series in San Francisco, it's easy to be hypersensitive to one's inferiority, I suppose.

The loss kept the Dodgers in sole possession of first place only because Trevor Hoffman ruined Jake Peavy's incredible pitching outing vs. lowly Arizona. And don't look now, but the Giants' seven game win streak have them only one game behind, just like the Padres. Time for us to buck up.


  • 2 wins the hat shuffle.
  • White wins the dot race.
  • Coca-Cola Trivia Contestant won by correctly picking Rick Monday as the person who saved the flag on the field. Man, are we still talking about that?
  • Dodger Dogs +2. Beers +3 (that bock on draft is not that good, by the way). Hit points +15, roll a 19 or 20 to get a critical hit.
  • Discovered the magic that is pulled pork Camacho's Nachos, available on the loge level. Worth the hike, them's tasty food. UPDATE 10:29a: It just became clear to me what the downside is of said nachos. Not pretty.
  • Parking had further improved from early on, but is still far from great, even screwing preferred parkers who had paid $15 months ago. I entered through the Sunset Gate about a half-hour after first pitch (don't ask). Got through the turnstiles okay but the path to the inner circle was slow (I had preferred parking), and I couldn't help but notice the line of people inching toward Lot 1. Attendance was medium last night (43K) so I can't imagine how it is going to be tonight, sold-out Nomar Bobblehead Night.

    Anyway, once in the inner circle, they had OVERSOLD Preferred Lot G (behind the scoreboards) and were diverting angry motorists to other lots. Given that this was happening only 35 minutes after the game had started, on a mediocre attendance night, this was super-uncool. When airlines oversell seats, they at least offer compensation to those that have been bumped; shouldn't the legions of parking attendants at least usher the oversold preferred lot people to their ancillary destination? Exiting parking was relatively smooth, though I did notice that the parking on the residential area near Scott Avenue was a mess (Scott Gate was open, by the way). Overall, the parking has improved from my last experience (game 3), but is still at a discount to last year. Tonight should be another test of the system's limits; get there early.


Anonymous said...

You know what, the Giants need to fall off the face of the earth. They are evil (along with the Padres).

ps: Sorry, Steve I know you were a Giants fan.

Steve Sax said...

I never played for the Giants.

Rob said...

The Dodgers are still talking about Rick Monday's Patented Device To Eventually Insinuate Himself Into The Broadcast Booth, Thus Terrifying Millions With His Inability To Give The Score.

But I'm not.

Meantime, thanks for the parking lot update. And, are you sure you aren't a Giants fan? You were born in Sacramento, after all.

Steve Sax said...


Believe me, I am SURE I am not a Giants fan. This Steve Sax (and believe it or not, I may not be the Steve Sax, hates the Giants.

With a passion.