Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Trolley Dodger Fails to Dodge Asphalt

We were bummed to see that The Trolley Dodger is undergoing a trial separation from his shoulder:

Looks like any dreams I might have had of walking on to the Dodgers roster for spring training are officially dashed. I did this on my bicycle yesterday:

Well technically off the bike. Well technically on the street, hard. Ouch.


The hospital called me — I’ve got a type 3 separated shoulder, and I also have a couple of broken ribs. Seeing my main doc in next day or so.

Robert, here's hoping the lawyers won't be called in and you and your shoulder get back together.


Rob said...

Think of the children, er, fingers!

Anonymous said...

You know how weird the shoulders of old-school action figures used to feel? That's how mine feels right now. And it's my throwing arm, too.

Thanks for the kind wishes -- I expect my shoulder and I will be getting therapy soon, assuming my arm doesn't fall off in the interim. ;)