Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl Betting Woes: Part 2

Yeah, Delino lost. I guess that collar I was going to buy my dog that sprays water every time she barks... well, it'll have to wait until my annual Oscar bets. Just to recap my betting woes:
In the 4th quarter, Rex Grossman elected to make the bookies in Chicago very happy by throwing one of the least graceful-looking interceptions this side of Tecmo Bowl. It gets returned for a TD. That 7 point spread vanishes, as does my cash.

Devin Hester one-ups perenial Super Bowl stud Adam Vinateri by scoring first.

I don't even know who got the first sack, except he was wearing a Colts jersey. I don't even know who I picked to get the first sack, but it was supposed to be a Bear.

Peyton rushing for over 1.5 yards? A no-brainer! Well, his rush total was the exact same as mine. 0 yards.

But there's some hope to recoup. I succesfully picked Peyton's QB rating range, which paid out three to one. Somehow despite 179 first half yards, Peyton threw for under 275 total, which made me ecstatic. Until I realized that my f-ing bet didn't go through. Luckily, with only one Peyton TD pass, I'm in good shape if James Blunt's metrosexual smash You're Beautful nets more than a single Grammy. Now, onto my annual Golden Raspberry bet. Basic Instinct 2 is a LOCK. So sayeth Delino.


Lasorda said...

Wow! Who dares to dis "Tecmo Bowl?" I'd say that those royalties checks are the only think keeping Albert Bentley (RB-IND) solvent.

Steve Sax said...

We should definitely do some recaps of the best baseball (and possibly all sports) video games. TecmoBowl was the best back in the SNES days, with squirmin' Thurman Thomas making the Bills virtually unstoppable. The 95-yard passes each possession were sweet, too.

Steve Sax said...

Congratulations Delino, on SoSG's 500th post!

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

Lasorda - glad we have the same respect for our namesakes. Not only did I JUST finish playing a game of Tecmo Bowl on my PC Mame (2003 NY Giants slaughtered the Pats), I have several T Bowl hacks from various years... one of which has a naked half time show. I plan to do a series of articles about Tecmo and RBI baseball in the near future. And maybe one about Journey Escape.