Monday, February 05, 2007

And You Thought Baseball Had a Weak Steroids Policy

From "Sources: Positive 'roids test to result in Pro Bowl ban" at

Players who fail the NFL's substance abuse policy next season likely will be banned from playing in the 2008 Pro Bowl.

Sources tell ESPN's Chris Mortensen that commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL Players Association executive director Gene Upshaw have agreed to ban any player who tests positive for performance-enhancing drugs from playing in the Pro Bowl that same season. The policy would take effect beginning with the 2007 regular season.

Upshaw met Monday in Miami with player reps, who supported the ban, union and league sources told Mortensen. One more discussion is planned at the winter scouting combine in late February, with a formal announcement no later than March, Mortensen reported.

A ban also would have financial implications for some players, because some have Pro Bowl bonuses and base-pay escalators tied to the Pro Bowl that would be negatively affected.

Oh no! No free trip to Hawaii and minor financial implications! Put that syringe away!

Super timing on the release of this information, too. Expect more "football gets a free pass" arguments from the baseball crowd.