Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Speaking of Gay, Friendly...

It was only a matter of time. Snickers rolls out their newest ad, a cheery romp featuring two men kissing each other while they try to share the last bite of Snickers. To recover from this "horrifying moment," they do the "manly" act of ripping out their chest hair. Two days later, the ad is no more. From CNN.com

Snickers pulls plug on Super Bowl smooch ad. Masterfoods kills ad that showed two men 'kissing' after objections by gay rights groups.

In its place, Snickers plans to move forward with their "Nuts for Nuts" and "Put Some Nougat in your Mouth" ads, set to the music of Collective Soul.

Ironically, Snickers has been one of the most homosexual-friendly products out there. Only last year, the world watched in shock and awe as Snickers ran the Satisfaction Sing Off contest.

With his stirring lyrics, Scarborough, Maine's Michael Beaudoin eradicated the competition.

Rich milk chocolate lets me fly Watch me as I pass you by Creamy caramel helps me read your mind. Crunchy peanuts make me strong For all the villains I take on. Chewy nougat helps me save mankind I'm satisfied with Snickers by my side. My best friend I'm a hero 'til the end.

Actually, that song sort of makes me want to rip out my chest hair even more.


Steve Sax said...

Hey, since when did we become SoSGLBT?

Orel said...

Sons of Steve Garvey Lettuce Bacon Tomato?