Thursday, February 01, 2007

Peyton Manning Wants to Melt Your Icy Heart

From a Sports Illustrated article about the Indianapolis Colts:

Manning was on his game even before kickoff on Sunday, as his mother, Olivia, attested outside the Colts' locker room afterward. Noting that she and her husband, former Saints quarterback Archie, were celebrating their 36th wedding anniversary, Olivia gestured toward Peyton's older brother, Cooper, and his younger brother, New York Giants quarterback Eli, standing nearby. "Only one of my boys remembered," Olivia said, pulling out her cellphone to reveal a text message sent at 2:58 p.m. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. I LOVE Y'ALL—PEYTON.


I prefer the quote from the mother of Travis Hafner, nicknamed "Pronk." From the same issue of Sports Illustrated:

Pronkey begat El Pronko, which begat Pronk. "I'm to the point where I like it better than Travis," [Hafner] says. "Everyone calls me Pronk." Well, not everyone. "The truth is, I hardly ever call him Pronk," says his mother, Bev. "I prefer the Pronkinator."


Anonymous said...

Peyton's mother was arrested outside the Colts locker room? This is going to be a HUGE distraction.

Orel said...

I hear she's hardcore.