Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Waiting [Is the Hardest Part]

I took Trolley Dodger's advice to read today's Murray Chass New York Times article about JD Drew, and specifically the limbo (purgatory?) that Drew is in given his incomplete contract terms with the Red Sox. The article is written with enough sarcasm that any Dodger fan can't help but laugh, especially when Chass ends the article by speaking with Drew's mother (or at least, someone who claims to be Drew's mom):

I made one additional effort to reach Drew by telephone to find out what was really happening. Three Drews are listed in the Hahira, Ga., telephone directory. I picked one and told the woman who answered that I was looking for J. D.

“I’m his mom,” she said.

Did she know what was happening with her son’s contract?

“No, I don’t,” she said, “not at the present time.”

That makes two of us.

Which got me thinking, can you think of any other players who had agreements and terms in place over a month ago, but the deal hasn't finalized? Perhaps someone with a questionable physical condition (not to mention swollen head)? Hmm....


Orel said...

The label gives it away!

Steve Sax said...

yeah, but I couldn't exclude the label...