Tuesday, January 16, 2007

SoSG Gets Props from Giants Fan

You only have a couple more days before this link expires, but here's a blog writer from the Arizona Daily Star who gave Sons of Steve Garvey credit for the best headline on the Barry Bonds/Mike Sweeney situation. And just in case the link dies, here's the quote:

Nice job, blue boys

It really bugs this Giants fan when anybody connected in any way with the Dodgers has any kind of success. But, when I find it, I’m man enough to admire it and possibly even point it out to others.

Hence, this link to the Sons of Steve Garvey blog, where recently I found the best headline yet about the Barry Bonds/Mark Sweeney situation.

Thanks for the props, we truly appreciate it. We are sorry, though, that you are a Giants fan. But hey, maybe Russ Ortiz and Armando Benitez would appreciate our all-you-can-eat pavilion concept!


Orel said...

Can you feel the love?

Steve Sax said...

Nice headline, Orel!

Anonymous said...

You know, some of my best friends are Dodgers fans. Overlooking a person's Dodgerness and seeing the glimmer of good that is in everybody (much like my overlooking your Dodgerness to recognize your headline writing skills) is what coexistence is all about.

But if the "all the Dodger Dogs you can eat buffet" appears in the visitors' bullpen, I'm calling the commissioner on you guys. (Not that he'd do anything...)

Anyway, thanks for the link. You and your blue hats are always welcome in Mudville.

Orel said...

Such heretofore-unknown harmony between supporters of the Dodgers and Giants.

Let's go beat up some Padres fans!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Padre fans are taking care of beating themselves up now. ;)

Steve Sax said...

Nice one RD--