Sunday, January 14, 2007

Pujols Defies Our Best Attempt at Narrow-Mindedness

Just when we were getting all ready to demonize Albert Pujols, he uncooperatively demonstrates charity and goodwill to the needy in his homeland:

The 2005 National League MVP leaves on Sunday for his native Dominican Republic, where he will undertake a humanitarian mission to provide medicine, health care and health advice for 1,000 children in three poor villages. Pujols will miss the Cardinals' visit to the White House, among other events, in order to make the trip.

A thousand children? That's an awful lot for just one person, even if that person is Albert Pujols.

"This is a trip that we've been planning for almost a year," Pujols said on Saturday afternoon at the annual Cardinals Care Winter Warm-Up. "I'm taking six doctors and two assistants down to the Dominican. As of right now, we have three villages that we're going to work on, and we've got 1,000 kids that we're going to work with in six days. The doctors are ready to go."

Right, got it. Here's hoping you bat 1.000, Albert.


johnny hatchett said...

Thanks for posting this &, especially, owning up to the fact that you'd previously called out Pujols.

Yup, Pujols made some dumbass remarks, but, it seems to me, we're wrong to so quickly judge a guy's character by a few stray sentences he utters. We've been very wrong before (think: Kirby Puckett, think: Kobe Bryant) &, I have no doubt that we'll be wrong again, again, & again.

peace love gap
Johnny Hatchett

Orel said...

Excellent examples in Kirby and Kobe.

The Internet is conducive to snap judgments; Pujols' case is a reminder that human complexity can defy the words of some glib blogger.

Thanks for the note.