Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Olney: Bonds Top Story of 2007

Barry Bonds becoming the all-time home run king may be "tragic," but don't expect the story to go away.

Buster Olney at ESPN.com picks Bonds as baseball's top story this year:

He is 22 home runs away from seizing the greatest record in the sport, a record that almost nobody seems to want him to hold, and at the same time, federal investigators and the Mitchell Investigation folks are pursuing evidence against him. As he moves to the verge of the record-breaking homer, his presence will dominate the sport again, whether you like him or not. And everybody will be watching to see how commissioner Bud Selig handles the moment when Bonds breaks Hank Aaron's record, as a window into Major League Baseball's perspective on the Steroid Era.

This steroids thing ain't going away quickly, that's for sure. Bonds will linger for one or two more years, and as long as he's around, questions will remain.

It would be sort of a blessing if Bonds could smash the record soon, then go away. Then Roger Clemens could retire and the sport could move on.