Saturday, January 13, 2007

Lakers Offer Most Disappointing Vegas Trip Ever

The Lakers' official website urges visitors to "Send a Laker Girl To Las Vegas."

Sadly, those clicking on the link discover said Vegas trip does not include them.

Still not discouraged, sugar daddy? Becky, Jessica and Lindsey await your blessing.


Lasorda said...

Apparently the Laker Girls were at the OSH in Pasadena today. I'll let Sax make the "wood" joke for the rest of us. . .

Ace said...

A cheerleading all-star team? wow. How does one quantify their worthiness? Becky can chew gum, blow a bubbble AND do the splits!... a triple double bubble?

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Orel said...

Hey, no trash talking about the Laker Girls. Some things are sacred.

Nice blog, by the way.