Tuesday, January 16, 2007

And You Thought Ken Gurnick Had It Bad

Ken Gurnick, who runs the Dodgers' mlb.com mailbag, has already pleaded to the public to stop asking him when the players' names are going back on the jerseys. In a Team America: World Police sort of way, I think that continuing to email him about this is pretty funny.

But check out the comedy from T.R. Sullivan, who manages the Texas Rangers' mailbag. Apparently he has already gone off the deep end:

I have been a Rangers fan for many years, but this team has the poorest potential for any I've seen. Only two quality starting pitchers, no outfield that can hit .300 and a backup catcher. I think it may be time to go back to my Cardinals. -- Bill F., Williston, S.D.

Understood. Let us all know how Kip Wells fares as the Cardinals' No. 2 starter.

Who do you think the National League opponent against the Rangers will be in the 2007 World Series? -- Rick T., Fort Worth, Texas

The 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers and it could be the greatest Strat-o-Matic World Series in history.

Hey mate, I was just looking through the free-agent market to see who is still left and I saw an old Texan in there: Chan Ho Park. I was thinking, if the Rangers are still looking for a strong starting pitcher they might consider offering him something. Maybe? -- Brenden L., Australia

Mate, quit drinking Foster's when you're out there wandering through the free-agent market.

Good times! And always nice to see a Chan Ho Park reference (and a reference to one of the six Dodgers' titles).


Orel said...

These MLB.com writers don't seem afraid of stepping on toes.

From Gurnick's latest mailbag: "the trade they made -- Guzman and Sergio Pedroza for Julio Lugo -- didn't make sense then, or now."