Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Fault in Our Star Wars: Episode One

In searching through the extensive, covert SoSG archives, I came across the following full length article.... in the f'ing draft folder. Like the lost episodes of the Honeymooners or the recently unearthed outakes from Star Wars...

... I now present the family DeShields experience at Dodgers Star Wars night. Circa 2013.

Would have posted this yesterday, but I had a layer of 100 Degree grime to powerwash. Avoid the visual... if you can.

Most importantly, the Dodgers were who we thought they were. The Spankers of the lowly Padres. In the time it took the family DeShields to walk from our seats to the car, the Dodgers put the final five nails in the monastery. But what of Star Wars night? What of theme? Of symbolism? Of Grand Moff Tarkin?

On a 100 Degree day, one of the less appreciated sights is a long line. Or... TWO OF THEM.

One for shirts, and one for entering the all you can eat pavilion. The problem - every third person in the t-shirt line had no idea they needed vouchers. So after waiting for 20 minutes, they came up empty handed. Not. Cool.

Except for the DeShields, whose family is now sporting truly kick ass nerd wear.

Though it might take my son two thousand days to grow into it. (Sidebar: what is the deal with Dodgers giveaways for kids? Between this and the Child Replica jersey, I'm convinced the Dodgers base their kids sizes on those roided up Little League World Series behemoths).

My boys did themselves proud in the All You Can Eat Pavilion. The rest of the ravenous crowd there, however, left me aghast.

I've expressed my issues with Dodgers Star Wars Night in the past.

As far as I can tell, there was a couple of guys dressed like storm trooper. So I heard. I never saw this with my own eyes, so it could be propaganda. The pics of the players wielding light sabers is always good for a "Hey, it's Juan Uribe holding a light saber instead of a churro" chuckle.

Showing Han kiss Leia on the Kiss Cam was cute. Albeit, this would have gotten more of a response.

On one hand, I'm glad the promotions don't overpower the game itself. (Unlike the wave, which I've now been over for almost 30 years.) That being said, I think the Dodgers could amp up the theme a bit. Have Jek Porkins throw the first pitch.

Or let people in costume do a lap around the field before the game begins. Heck, combine it with Bark at the Park.

Overall, the little DeShields had a great time, which was the whole point in enduring the indignities that is the all you can eat pavilion. And that t-shirt really is... as nerd-wear goes... pretty damn cool. But for 2014, it might be time to put a bit more thought in making the Star Wars pop off the screen and onto the field.


Steve Sax said...

Congrats on surviving 2014 Star Wars Night, DD. Hope Chad or Grant from the LLWS didn't catch your kid and take his Star Wars shirt (and lunch money). Those guys are "little league" beasts.