Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ryu and Uribe Shenanigans

I went to the Zach Greinke Bobblehead night and noticed Ryu pacing outside of the dugout.  He looks like he is trying to avoid Uribe, first standing behind to security guard to hide from Uribe.  Then he tries to make a B line for the dugout, but SVS stops him.  So he actually walks into the dugout club section and down the steps.

Enjoy the clip (if this thing lets me upload it - which only seems to work on my computer and not mobile device.  Sorry.)

Ron Cey kindly signed my ball.

I also went to the Matt Kemp Statue day game against the NY Mets.  The extreme loaded dog was in honor of New York with sauerkraut and sauce.  It was damn good and there wasn't even any lederhosen.  Unfortunately the boys in blue played like phony dog poo.  What phony dog poo?


Neeebs (The Original) said...

AC alive and well.
Looks like Stubbs gets memoriam front runner.

Alex Cora said...

Yeah. The staff placed my desk down on the basement and forgot I was there. At least I have my red stapler to keep me company.