Saturday, August 09, 2014

Post-Game 117 Thread: Dodgers Can't Handle Brewers' Hops


Two errors from Justin Turner doomed the Dodgers tonight, but that wasn't the only issue. Brandon League gave up three runs--none earned--over 0.2 IP. The Dodgers' bullpen crumbled late, including Carlos Frias allowing a three-run HR to Richie Weeks in the eighth inning. And with 0-fer performances from Yasiel Puig (0-for-4), Juan Uribe (0-for-3), and Drew Butera (0-for-4), there wasn't much about which to talk besides Adrian Gonzalez' solo HR in the sixth, and Andre Ethier's seventh-inning infield single which gave the Dodgers a fleeting 3-2 lead.

But back to Turner. His PH AB in the seventh inning allowed the Dodgers a leadoff single which led to a two-run inning. But his two errors (bobble and throw), juxtaposed with a side injury to Hanley Ramirez and an "uneventful" showing from Miguel Rojas, have exposed what Doug Padilla of ESPN is calling a sudden shortstop issue.

Again, like I said yesterday, let's not get carried away. But the Dodgers seem to be plugging holes (like the starting rotation, buoyed by Roberto Hernandez' decent performance today) just as fast as others are appearing. At least the Giants lost again, so we stay 3.5 games ahead in the West.


Dusty Baker's Toothpick said...

Turner shoulda been charged with 3 errors! League was serving up ground balls all night long and our defense was not up to par

Fred's Brim said...

absolutely, DBT! He got three straight grounders that should have ended the inning, then gave up the hit to score the 2 to put the game away. League shouldn't take any blame for this one.

Turner should obviously bear the brunt but Donnie pinchitting Dre for our only other SS in the top of the inning forced Turner to play at short. I don't know if Rojas makes the first play (that was ruled a hit) but I bet he has a better shot than Turner had. I wonder if it would have been better to shift Dee back to short for the last few innings and put Turner at second.

Whatever, it's over. I was glad we were able to figght back to get the lead and I was really impressed with The Artist Formerly Known as Fausto (TAFKAF). I hope he can performances even close to that the rest of the way. And I hope we can get him a uniform that fits by his next start

Fred's Brim said...


Orel said...

Brandon League Was Actually Very Good Last Night